Behind The Lens: David Stoessel


David Stoessel just released his first full length film, Spread The Good. Kick back and read about some of the troubles he faced along the way, in addition to just how many names you can twist the last name “Stoessel” into. Make sure to check out the montage at the end featuring his favorite clips from Spread The Good.

So how many years have you been living and where do you call home?
I’m 22 and I live in Loxahatchee, Florida.

How do you feel about the scene in Florida right now?
For the most part it’s pretty dope but It kinda depends on where in Fl you are. Personally, I’m just ready to get out!

Where are you trying to go?
Anywhere! Haha I’d love to go to Cali or Atlanta. Never been to the west coast and so far Atlanta has been the illest place I’ve been to.

What made you want to start filming?
When I was around 13 I think, me, my brother and friends used to go in the backyard and film each other doing stupid stuff. We called it “Jackbutt” because we didn’t want our mom to hear us say ass. Then my best friend at the time (Laz Powery) started skating, so obviously I did too. I had already found out how much I loved filming random stuff and Laz introduced me to filming skating. It all went from there.

Charlie Cassidy - Frontside Flip. As seen in Spread The Good

Damn, the classic tale. Haha when can we expect to see a promo for Jackbutt?!
Don’t hold your breath. Closest thing to it (if I ever get around to it) would be SPREADtheBAD. Ooooh the suspense!

Have the thoughts of dropping another full length video come into your head?
Yes, but not any time soon. I think I’m going to pull a “Happy Medium 2″ and not tell anyone I’m making it until it’s pretty much done. But this time, I’ll pick all the music and have a much smaller crew.

How many years were put into filming for Spread the Good?
Close to three years actually. Originally I told myself six months. Fail.

Yeah, I remember watching the original promo a long time ago and being hyped on it. Then I heard all of these rumors about it possibly not coming out. I was pretty disappointed at that point. Were there any major setbacks while filming for it?
First off, none of the rumors were ever true. I never in my mind even considered not finishing it. Secondly, YES!!! Moving to Orlando for school (Full Sail) and blowing it. Having to drop out then moving back home with my parents who live in the woods. I’ve been car-less multiple times, camera-less, job-less, people kept getting hurt, couldn’t travel. The list goes on and on!

Those are definitely some pretty major setbacks.. If somebody were to go into your camera bag today, what would they find?
At the moment, yet again, my VX1000 is sick. The tape deck is jammed, but all its friends are doing great. I have a vx1k, mk1, Bescor light, 3 800w Konova RedHead studio lights, stands, sandbags, filming shoe.

Dylan Perry - Noseblunt to Fakie. As seen in Spread The Good

I’ve seen a VX1000 tape deck fixed before by just hitting it vigorously. I was in shock that such a repair method worked.. So why do people call you Steak?
That’s the number one way to fix any problem with a VX but not this time. Trust me, I tried. Haha well the whole steak thing came from my roommate(Troy Ansley, He always called me by my last name as well as everyone else did. Somehow Stoessel evolved into 12098397 different names. Ex, Stencil, Stroodle, Stowsel, Stackle, etc. Troy decided to call me “Steakle Bagel” one day and it stuck enough to evolve down to just Steak.

Hahaha. Well Steakle Bagel, it’s been fun. Have any woodsmen out in Loxahatchee you want to thank? Any notoriously promiscuous women?
Oh, I see what you did there. You baaad. I wanna give a shout out to my nigga T-Rex, Matthew Lewis Blas, Randy Okolocidoky, Dick Jizzo, Kevin Kickstand, Carlitos Mendez, Joe Storm, Aaron Collier, Daniel Delenwah, DMFP, Charlie Cassidy, Chris Freistat, Ryan Ward, Alex Tatum, and TyBo. As for shawty, Ima halla at Megan Bigyard and ramp tramps er-where! JuhBois. Okay so maybe not ramp tramps er-where… Haha.

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